Curiosity of a Firefly

"Zelmira has in her soul the strength of an incessant curiosity that moves and elevates her, that guides her. This architect, photographer and literata creates magic with her immense curiosity about everything. Nothing escapes the meticulous study of each new discovery that immerses her from here to there finding the summits and the light of the world." - Solana Tixi


The Explorer

"As a child, the mountains whispered to her ear the secret of the icy winds, of the waves of an immense and solitary ocean, and of fire, salt and history. Laura kept them in her heart, the fiercest muscle in her body. When she rides along the peaks of those mountains, dancing with the abyss of immensity, or when a fossil caresses her fingertips and the wind speaks about water, Laura answers the call of the wild girl who knows the language of nature." - Solana Tixi


Sincerely Yours

"Josefina opens herself up to the world with the same generosity of an open fruit that boldly exhibits the truth of its seeds. Nothing hides this siren who, without hesitation, on a summer night opens her pagan doors to hypnotize with a tango, or in an epic winter warms up the heart with art that bears her signature." - Solana Tixi


“When Solana writes, you should read”



"Elisa knows the mysteries of the chemistry that transforms the elements. Like a tremendous magnet, she advances and snatches everything within reach of her gaze. Elisa transforms what is lifeless into a unique piece that challenges the attentive eye and alters the logical order of the intellect." - Solana Tixi